Collection of essays about artistic statements in Belarusian contemporary art


ZBOR is a key specialized project of the research platform of the Belarusian contemporary art KALEKTAR. The project is designed as a constantly updated journal about artistic propositions, created during the last decades.

From this moment on, there will be essays appearing regularly on the website. Belarusian critics specifically prepare the essays, and each essay will be describing concrete works of the Belarusian artists, collectives and institutions as well as significant events.




The information about the experience which has been already accumulated in the Belarusian contemporary art is presented rather spontaneously both in online and print publications. There are not many research papers about the concrete works of the Belarusian artists and collectives. Basically, certain works are mentioned in the review publications very briefly (both in the reviews for the exhibitions and in the articles about artists). The artists usually have to offer special texts for the creation of the portfolio and presentations themselves. However, Belarusian authors have created a large number of compositions and statements, the vast majority of which was not captured and interpreted textually. Even many significant and famous artworks of the Belarusian art of the last decades are spontaneously presented in the publications.

In fact, this type of analytical work is supposed to be performed by a specialized Institute for Contemporary Art Studies, as it is done in the neighboring countries. However, in Belarus the project not yet implemented due to the current cultural and political situation. Such conditions lead to the oblivion and loss of memory about already realized experience in the Belarusian art.

The creators of ZBOR project expect that the resource will make an input in the process of preservation and regeneration of the Belarusian art history of the last decades by means of the consequential ordering of the detailed research articles about the works of Belarusian artists and collectives. According to the idea of creators, the site will be filled with the essays not only about significant works and important events, but also about many forgotten and “invisible” statements. Wherein, all the publications are created in such a way that they present a variety of artistic strategies, periods and themes. Moreover, historical contexts that framed and captured the creation of works will be emphasized in each publication that will appear on the website. Thus, the materials will not only preserve the artistic experience performed by the representatives of the Belarusian contemporary art, but also identify the cultural and political conditions specific for certain development stages of Belarus.

ZBOR is a tool which assists within the framework of KALEKTAR research platform activities to fully unfold and design the archive of the Belarusian contemporary art. With the aid of this project, the creators of the resource hope to not only coherently preserve and analyze the realized experience in the Belarusian contemporary art, but to popularize it both within the country and abroad.

The editorial office and authors of ZBOR resource rely on the feedback and help in development of the project. If you have noticed inaccuracies in publications or have additional information or recommendations on the creation of new publications, feel free to contact us by e-mail: or on our facebook page.

We would be very grateful for your personal contribution to the project.