Collection of essays about artistic statements in Belarusian contemporary art

Anna Sokolova:
cycle “Ornament”,
2008 – 2016

ZBOR #7 

Series of site-specific video installations

Anna Sokolova:cycle “Ornament”,2008 – 2016

“Ornament”, Black-White-Black. Manifest, 2012


The works from this series are a rethinking experience of the potential of lines and ornamentation in the context of new media usage. In Ornament installations the video and visual objects computer programming capabilities manifest the line as a dynamic, not a static phenomenon. The medial dynamic of the line – its constant transformation in time – opens up new forms and methods of interaction of an artwork with the surrounding space, as well as the perception of this space by the audience.

In Ornament series Sokolova makes a gesture of radical reduction of their visual tools to one basic element – white lines on a black background that becomes the central motif of these works. The artist herself refers to this visual element as to z linement. According to the linguists, this is a “portmanteau word,” i.e., originally created by the author, combining parts of recognizable words and their meanings. The word linement combines line and ornamentation, at the same time, referring to Onement series of paintings made by Barnett Newman.

The most important point in the Sokolova’s work with this element is that, through the use of various medial techniques, she gets unexpected possibilities of interaction with the exposure space, as well as her own temporal dynamics. Today Ornament series includes eight video installations, in which the central visual element – linement – is not just built in using various plastic solutions, but it perceptually reconfigures various exhibition situations, from the inner space of the gallery or the museum’s facade to the building of the church.

Conceptual development of linement is installation with flags Black-White-Black (2012-2014), the video Black-White-Black. Сircuit (2012) and video performance Black-White-Black. Manifest (2012). In the core of these works there is a black flag with a white horizontal stripe in the middle, which develops the idea of linement with a help of medial expansion method. Black-White-Black flag shall be regarded as a materialization of linement, its transfer to the objective reality and, thus, giving it a different ontological status. Embodied in the flag, linement becomes both a sculpture and an object of various ideological projections and interpretations.


In her works Anna Sokolova explores ways of interaction between the architectural space and the moving image. Using new media, she creates minimalist monumental sculptures, audio and video installations, interactive and kinetic objects. An important aspect of her work is to transform the text into the work of art; the way an object (text form) and subjectivity (message) in the understanding of the text influence the way of its perception

Anna Sokolova (born 1975, Minsk, Belarus) – artist.

Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Text: Lyudmila Voropai, KALEKTAR ©


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