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Sergey Kiryuschenko:
multimedia project
“High Time to Get Down to
Down to Earth Art”,
2006 – 2012

ZBOR #17

Multimedia project including land art actions and action painting, 4 painted architectural objects, 1 architectural installation, 10 painted polyptychs, 10 silkscreens, 10 photographs, 2 videos, 1 slide show installation

Sergey Kiryuschenko:multimedia project“High Time to Get Down toDown to Earth Art”,2006 – 2012

“High Time to Get Down to<br>Down to Earth Art”, 2006


The project by Sergey Kiryuschenko “High Time to Get Down to Down to Earth Art” – is a large-scale project in terms of conceptuality and manufacturing. It had been in creation for 6 years, and included many parts, created using different media.

The place for implementing the project was a village Uroda of Lepiel raion. The artist contrasted the dying Belarusian village to something as completely contrary as modern art and texts in English. Simultaneously, he was photographing and videotaping the process of the artist interfering into the calm village life. On the basis of the collected slide-documentation, the artist Sergey Kiryuscheko created a cycle of screen prints or stylizing photo-motives. Continuing the transformation of fine arts, the artist created 10 picturesque polyptichs in the system of abstract and conceptual art. This project represents the multi-level conceptual view of the interconnection of the culture development and the conditions of the context, through the prism of lexical, geometrical, and multimedia methods, linked to the actual processes of the global modern art.

The artworks of Sergey Kiryuschenko have been drawing the audience’s attention for 40 years already, and besides, every 5-7 years, the artist succeeds at transforming the vector of his activity. He identifies humself as a painter, however, he constantly turns to the potential of other media: sculpture and graphics, photo and video, land art and public art experiments, and working with the text. From expressive-realistic post cubist landscape painting, Kiryushcenko turned to objectless abstractionism, then he came back to figurative art through the learning of archaism, and finally, through the synthesis of land art and methods of conceptual art, moved to abstractionism. Today, the artist is synthesizing the paradigm of abstractionism with the theory of urbanism and conceptions of public art. The most researched and characteristic element of his new works became the figure of a grid, with the help of which he demonstrates the deepness and the optical “destruction” of the surface of the canvas, a gap which is both conceptual and verbal.


Sergey Kiryuschenko (born 1951, Chita, Russia) – artist, co-director of the KALEKTAR platform. In 1988 – 2002, a participant of the artistic group Nemiga-17.

Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.


Text:Sergey Shabohin, Olga Shparaga, KALEKTAR ©


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