Collection of essays about artistic statements in Belarusian contemporary art

Evelina Domnich
and Dmitry Gelfand:
“Sound Levitation”,

ZBOR #15

Performance featuring high frequency speaker, gold foil, video projector

Evelina Domnichand Dmitry Gelfand:“Sound Levitation”,2007

“Sound Levitation”, Transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2009


The leaves out of golden foil are floating in the air to the monotonous buzzing sound. Resisting the gravitation power, they stay on the same height, freely floating in the space. That’s how “Sound Levitation” looks like from outside. This artwork by Evelina Domnich and Dmitry Gelfand was created in 2007. It makes the audience ask questions about the incomprehensible physical phenomenon. A golden foil keeps floating in the air with the help of the sound waves, generated by the special apparatus. This machine consists out of piezoelectric speaker of cylindrical form, and reflector. The dynamic transfers a sound wave of high frequency (15 Khz) towards the reflector in such a way that in the space between them a “standing wave” phenomenon appears. Due to this phenomenon, a golden foil is whirling, or it literally “hovers” in the air, affected by the sound.

The artworks of the duet belong to art-science, one of the newest movements in the modern art. Representatives of the art-science differ from their colleagues in the way that for creating their artworks they rethink the content of modern science and use research methods. For that, the artists partner up with scientists and scientific labs.

Starting from year 2000, Evelina and Dmitry have been conducting unusual experiments in modern science, because the scientific knowledge, as they state, is suddenly losing the connection with the intellectual and art processes in the society. With the help of their works, the artists try to draw our attention to the physical phenomenon that a person can watch and feel directly, such as sound or light. Accordingly, in their other artwork, Camera Lucida, they show a sound as a luminous field, letting it flow through the fish tank filled with water, where sound waves become visible in the streams of collapsing micro bubbles of air.

Domnich and Gelfand’s art is largely based on the ideas of phenomenology and visual theory. The duet offers the alternative option for posing the scientific questions, in which the sensory experience precedes the creation of theoretical models, and not vice versa, as it often happens in the theoretical physics. They also offer to use in the textbooks and in the popular science magazine the real images of the physical phenomenon instead of their computerized analogues. For that reason, the art of Evelina and Dmitry in many aspects is based on the ideas of phenomenology and visual theory.


Evelina Domnich (born 1972, Minsk, Belarus) – artist. Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dmitry Gelfand (born 1974, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) – artist. Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Text:Vitali Schutski, Sergey Shabohin, KALEKTAR ©


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