Collection of essays about artistic statements in Belarusian contemporary art

The Belarusian Climate group: photographic performance The Conquest of Belarusian Deserts, 1988

ZBOR #14

Tania Arcimović retraces the history of development of the Belarusian Climate group (BC), analyzes one of the key art works by the group The Conquest of Belarusian Deserts (1988) – and provides insight into the term ′environment′, which became subject to the group’s creative studies in their numerous exhibitions.

Tamara Sokolova – an exhibition project: Some are Such. Others are Such (Odni – takie. Drugie – takie), 2014


Tatyana Kondratenko tells about the momentous personal exhibition of sculptor Tamara Sokolova: Some are such. Others are such (Odni – takie. Drugie – takie), which took place in 2014 in The Memorial Museum of Zaire Azgur (Minsk, Belarus). She also describes the way in which the artist’s conceptual and plastic approaches have developed/transformed, based on the examples of sculptural works created over the past decade.

Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich: a series of photographs Madhouse (Durdom), 1991-1992


An essay by Olga Bubich on a controversial series of photographs/document Madhouse (Durdom) taken by Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich in a historical turning point: the period of liquidation of the USSR and proclamation of independent Belarus. By means of creating a collage, the artists compare the image and energy of the rally in Minsk on November 7, 1991 with children-patients in the mental house in Novinki.


ZBOR is a key special project of the Belarusian contemporary art research platform KALEKTAR. The project was designed as a constantly updated magazine about artistic propositions, created during the last decades.

All the essays and publications are specially written by Belarusian critics in the framework of the project and describe specific works by artists, groups and institutions. ZBOR is one of the key resources of the platform and an instrument that assists in constructing an archive.